Hello there!

Yes, I do commissioned artwork, but only upon approval of what is being requested. My specialty is landscape. I use watercolors and gouache to create my paintings. I only use professional grade paint and 100% cotton watercolor paper to ensure that the artwork will last you for generations. It takes me four to six weeks to finish painting. Commissions will be completed in the order that they were received. 


Please send your request to:


Here are my prices and the current canvas sizes I have available: 


4" x 6" for $140

6" x 8" for $220

8" x 8" for $290

9" x 12" for $499


My paintings are only for personal use. They may not be scanned or photographed for replication or resale. If you would like prints of the commissioned artwork, contact me and I would be happy to send you giclée prints. 

I understand that not everyone can afford to purchase fine art paintings. That is why I have my artwork in many different formats. If you are unable to afford an original, please contact me and email me the photo you would like for me to paint. There is a chance that I will decide to create it into prints later on.

By emailing me photos, you are agreeing to give me (Shulammite Reece) full rights to use the photographs for IT'S CORDOVA. 

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